Password Reset

Watch a short video to learn how to reset your password, or follow the instructions below.

Step by Step Instructions (steps assume you not logged in)

1.Go to

2.Click the Lost Password link under the Login fields (You’ll use these fields after you’ve created your password.)

3.The WordPress screen will display similar to the screen below. Enter your email address in the User or Email Address field, then click the Get New Password button.

4.Go to your email and click the link provided. A screen similar to below will display. The website provides a strong password.. You may change the password if desired.

5.Click Reset Password

(Clicking the ‘Log in’ link on screen above takes you to the WordPress administration dashboard which you do not need at this time.)

6.Go to and log in using the fields to the right of the screen. Your username is the first name and last name you provided when you registered without a space between names, with both first and last name capitalized. For example Sally Sample’s username is SallySample. Or as noted below, you may enter the email address your used when you registered.

•If you don’t receive a message in your email, check your spam/junk folder.

•Add and  to your contact list to prevent messages from going to your spam/junk folder.

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