Out & About

OUT & ABOUT is a group where Club members meet and go on fun day trips together, share activities to do for the weekend, take a bike ride, visit small towns, make a flower arrangement. Sky's the limit!

We are currently doing our OUT & ABOUT gatherings virtually on ZOOM, having fun planning for future times when we can resume our in-person outings.

Since March 2020, we have arm-chair-traveled to our favorite island (June), shared our favorite activities in the Puget Sound (July), talked about a hair-rising adventure we had (August), learned about local treasures from our Newcomer friends (September), updated our basic knowledge of recycling (October), tested our knowledge of the Pacific Northwest through a trivia game session in November, and we finally went holiday shopping with Carol in December.

Busy times! The activities are member-led, planned for members by members. If you have an idea to share with other Newcomers, consider initiating an activity though the OUT & ABOUT group. You don’t have to do it alone: the OUT & ABOUT Team is ready and willing to help.

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