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OUT & ABOUT is a group where Club members meet and go on fun day trips together, share activities to do for the weekend, take a bike ride, visit small towns, make a flower arrangement. Sky's the limit!

We are currently doing our OUT & ABOUT gatherings virtually on ZOOM, having fun planning for future times when we can resume our in-person outings.

Since March 2020, we have arm-chair-traveled to our favorite island (June), shared our favorite activities in the Puget Sound (July), talked about a hair-rising adventure we had (August), learned about local treasures from our Newcomer friends (September), updated our basic knowledge of recycling (October), tested our knowledge of the Pacific Northwest through a trivia game session in November, and we went holiday shopping with Carol in December.

Busy times! The activities are member-led, planned for members by members. If you have an idea to share with other Newcomers, consider initiating an activity though the OUT & ABOUT group, either on Zoom or in person in the future. You don’t have to do it alone: the OUT & ABOUT Team is ready and willing to help.(April).

2020 December 1- Holiday Gift Ideas With Carol

GIFTS to buy……Ohhhh what to do? Maybe, Don your mask and hit the mall with the multitudes of other mask wearers? Or order online and return the item later? Or re-gift the tin of popcorn you received last year? Or give
the birthday gift certificate that expired October 2020? Instead, come join Carol Holser for a festive OUT &
ABOUT with gift ideas presented in a most unusual way.

2021 January 8 - Favorite Winter Getaways

In Washington, winter is all about embracing the grey rather than escaping it. While it might be tempting to stay rugged up and cosy indoors, our time might bebest spent outside: hiking, skiing and exploring. After all, the sun sets by 4:00 p.m. so that still allows for plenty of time indoors with a glass of wine by the fire. Where would you like to spend some time this winter? What are your favorite memories of winters past in our state? Share your thoughts, or come and get some insights on fun things to do and places to safely visit not too far from us.

2021 February 5 - For The Love Of Our Pets

Do you have a favorite furry animal in your life? Was there a pet that made a difference for you? Come and share your story, and get tips about pet training, pet food, adoption, and much more. We hope to see you AND your pet!

2021 March 5 - Awesome Aunties, Marvelous Mothers, Glorious Grandmas, Nice Neighbors

What have you been doing to fill in or to replace your "in-person" time or usual routines with family, friends and neighbors? What ideas can you share with fellow Newcomers who are struggling to keep connected after many months of Covid restrictions? Virtual activities, games, clever ways to meet or exchange, just about anything you can share is a bonus for some of us who are running out of ideas and resources.

2021 April 2 - South Of The Border

What is your favorite "South Of The Border"? Oregon? Mexico? A song? A favorite book? Come and share, or just listen and laugh with us, this will be fun.

2021 May 7 - Musical May

2021 June 15 - Virtual Tea Class with Experience Tea in Issaquah

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