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This group is currently inactive. If you would like to coordinate wine tastings contact newcomersclubofgreaterseattle@gmail.com.

Come sip, savor & learn! The group explores the many facets and wonders of wine. The group, open to Newcomers and their spouses, partners and guests, is now part of OUT & ABOUT and will meet occasionally. Interested Newcomers initiate the outings, visit wineries, attend classes, or invite speakers from the wine industry.

2021 May - Your Thoughts On Wineries' Wine Clubs

Let's take this time to chat on selecting wine clubs, what draws us to pick a winery and what we expect from a wine club. We could bring a wine from one of our wine clubs, or something we particularly like, a favorite. 

2021 April - Lighten Up, It's Spring

Light-bodied wines are more delicate and leaner. They typically contain the lowest amount of
alcohol, and they are lighter in the mouth. It makes these wine pair well with lighter foods, such as white meat, seafood, or salads. Bring your own light-bodied wine paired with a food you like and let’s share our thoughts!

2021 March - Pairing Wine With Irish Dishes

March is a "green month" with St Patrick's Day making pints of Guinness and tumblers of whiskey abound! If malted barley isn’t your thing, there are some great Irish dishes and wine pairings that will keep you chewing and sipping in tune with your favorite Irish jig! Sample your pairings on St Patrick's Day, then bring your recipes, wines and notes to our tasting and share how it went.

Check out some suggestions from Wine Folly here.

2021 February - Armstrong Family Winery

Wine has been part of the Armstrong's life celebrations ever since Tim pulled out a bottle of wine and two glasses from his backpack on a canoeing trip on one of their very first dates back in 1999. As their relationship grew, so did their love of wine. Armstrong Family Winery is a first-generation winemaking family working together to craft outstanding, classically-styled Washington wines that are meant to share the table with great food, friends, and family. Jen and Tim Armstrong will tell us how they got 'Hooked" on wine from a bottle of Walla Walla Merlot, and moved their family to Washington to start their wine adventure. Wine will be available for purchase prior to the tasting and we will use our Wine Vine system to get it to you. More information will come in an email to those interested.

2021 January - Women Winemakers #3 - Lisa Callan, Callan Celllars

After making wine at home for several years, outgrowing the laundry room and the garage, and with the full consent of the family, Callan Cellars was created.
They are a micro boutique-style winery in Woodinville that features Rhône varietals, Bordeaux blends and single vineyard reds from some of Washington's most notable vineyards. Visit Callan Cellars at callancellars.com

2020 December - Ice Wines & Late Harvest Wines

Let it snow! What fits the season better that a bottle of Ice wine, or a late harvest wine? In this tasting we uncovered the remarquable delicacies these wines represent, just in time to enjoy for the holidays.

2020 November - Washington Viticultural Areas (AVAs)

Part 1 - American Viticultural Areas, or AVAs, are geographical wine grape growing regions in the United States. Washington State currently has 16 AVAs. What's so special about Washington wine? It's all about the terroir. In the first part of the tasting we will get an overview of the Washington AVAs and their characteristics.

Part 2 - Participants will bring to the tasting a wine or wines from preselected Washington AVAs and wineries and discuss terroir while tasting the wines. More information will be available in the communication we will send out to prepare this activity.

2020 October - Women Winemakers #2 - Mari Womak, Damsel Cellars

This Damsel has things pretty well in hand. Winemaker and owner of Damsel Cellars in Woodinville, Mari Womack began her love affair with wine while working in Seattle restaurants. She caught the wine bug early when food and wine pairings captured her heart and her imagination. Now working on vintage number six, her wines continue to impress and she's amassing a loyal following. It is with pride and passion that Mari introduces her wines to you.

2020 September - Women Winemakers #1 - Stephanie Jones, Glacier View Winery

For the first of our Women Winemakers series, we are excited to welcome Stephanie Jones of Glacier View Cellars to our Zoom tasting. Stephanie will give us insights on her winery and what the challenges are for a woman in the wine industry. She will also lead the "tasting" of her wines, with her wine notes and special stories. It will be ~almost~ like going to her winery, and sharing the experience!

Disclaimer: Newcomers Club of Greater Seattle is not responsible, and assumes no liability, for any loss or injury to property or persons who participate in our activities.

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