The majority of Newcomers responding to our survey indicated they preferred quarterly rather than monthly All Club meetings and the Board approved having All Club Meetings & Programs in September, December, March and June. Since we realize that some of our members will miss our monthly get-togethers, we are offering a “LUNCH BUNCH” for the non-meeting months (October, November, January, February, April and May). In keeping with our normal calendar, there are no regular Club meetings or LUNCH BUNCH gatherings in the summer.


The LUNCH BUNCH is a simple way of gathering to share a meal in a restaurant. Each hostess decides on a place to meet.

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How it works

The LUNCH BUNCH activity will be managed by Vice President Ann Bourey, but members will sign up to host and she will keep a calendar of who is hosting each month. After clearing her choice of month with Ann, the hostess will select the venue, manage reservations, and notify the web team/newsletter team. The host will be able to decide if there will be a cap for attendance and any other details. 

Sign up to host a LUNCH BUNCH

The lunches for October 13 and November 10 already have hosts so stay tuned for more information. Contact Ann Bourey if you would like to to host any of the 2022 gatherings in January, February, April or May. Ann will send updates to all club members to enable members to sign-up for a lunch.

Email Ann at if you would like to host a lunch.


February 2022 at Paradiso

Disclaimer: Newcomers Club of Greater Seattle is not responsible, and assumes no liability, for any loss or injury to property or persons who participate in our activities.

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