Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to join. Who do I contact?

A: Membership dues cost is updated yearly and prorated by time of year. Please see membership registration for current dues. Dues covers expenses such as luncheon room rental, guest speakers and other program costs, newsletter publishing and mailing, website maintenance, and other miscellaneous items.

Membership allows participation in all luncheons, programs, and social events. Membership benefits also include receipt of a monthly group activity newsletter, events calendar, and access to the members-only information and communication features of this website.

For more information, please email: membership@newcomersclubofgreaterseattle.com

TO JOIN – Please CLICK HERE to register and pay dues online.

Q: Is the Newcomers Club of Greater Seattle a nonprofit organization?

A: Yes, Newcomers is a nonprofit social club. As a 501(c)7 organization its membership dues are not tax deductible.

Q: I need more information about Newcomers. Whom do I contact?

A: Our membership director will send you more information. Send your questions to membership@newcomersclubofgreaterseattle.com We hope to see you at a Newcomers event very soon!

Q: I can’t remember my PASSWORD. What do I do?

A: To create a new password follow these instructions:

Forgot Your Password

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Q: Where can I find Zoom links for activities and meetings?

A: The Calendar has Zoom links for events that using Zoom. To view the calendar you must be logged in.

Q: I’m a club member who needs access to Dashboard can I login once rather than twice? 

A: Yes. Click LOGIN FOR MEMBERS from the main menu.

If you need more help please contact our Web Team

Q: How do I update my PROFILE information? I’ve moved and have a new address, phone number and email. 

A: Once you login to the secure portion of our website, you can view your profile and make edits. You can always update your personal information; just be sure to save it. Click this link for instructions: How to Reset Your Password and Update Your Profile

Q: Will I receive a notice if my email address is changed in my profile?

A: Yes. Starting April 2018 you will receive an automatic email alert from the web site. CLICK HERE to view an example

Q: How do I PRINT A HARD COPY of the MEMBER DIRECTORY from the Newcomers web site?

A: Every month a list of our members is posted at the top of the Membership Directory page. Two lists are available. One list is sorted by last name and another is sorted by Zip code. The lists can be saved to your computer or printed.  The page also allows you to search for individual members by First Name or Last Name. For detailed instructions CLICK HERE

Q: Is a list available of previous club members?

A: Starting in July 2017 an Alumni list was started and is available in the file posted on the top of the Member Directory page. We do not have a listing prior to July 2017.

Q: I need access to Dashboard to send an email or do other administration. Why do I I have to login to WordPress and how do I do it?

A: Our website platform is on WordPress.com. The platform requires additional login for access to administrative tools including Profile updates and sending email. Click LOGIN FOR MEMBERS from the main menu.

Q: How do I SEND EMAILS to other members using the club web site as a club member?

A: All club members may send emails to other club member(s). However, only Activity Leaders and Board Members may send emails to Group distribution lists. If you need to send a communication to a Group, please contact the appropriate Activity Leader, or email our Web Team: web@newcomersclubofgreaterseattle.com

Q: Why are Group Member lists formatted with no space between first name and last name and not sorted in alpha order? Can this be changed?

A: Group Member lists are ‘hard coded’. The format and sequence of names cannot be changed without additional expensive programming which we do not want to invest in. The good news is that lists are automatically updated without any work as member user/profile records are updated. The drawback is the format cannot be changed. Group lists are also in chronological order of when a member user record data update is done. Names at the bottom of the list have had their profile most recently updated.


Disclaimer: Newcomers Club of Greater Seattle is not responsible, and assumes no liability, for any loss or injury to property or persons who participate in our activities.

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