Euchre is an excellent social card game, simple in concept but with a high degree of subtlety in the
play. You need to come with a partner club member or non-member.
To play Euchre, we need the following: 1) Groups of 4 players sit at a table, with two teams of two
players at each table, seated on opposite seats. 2) A standard deck of 52 cards, some cards removed to
make a deck of 24 cards. 3) $5 for the final pot. 4) A dish to share and BYOB.
After two rounds, that game ends, and the players eat or drink until all other tables finish playing. Then
all players are reassigned to a different table and partner, and the game starts again. At a set time, the
games end. We are starting with 16 people but the group could be 12, 20 or 24, depending on the space
available to play. The pot is used for several prizes for the highest score, the lowest score, and other.
It is a great time for small talk, great food and drinks brought to share by each set of partners, a great

way for many people to get acquainted, and have a fun night of laughs and strategic play.  Watch the newsletter for dates, times, and locations.


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