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This page is a guide to providing info to our Communications Team to share with club members.

Our six-member team processes and shares information through four avenues:

  Our online Events Calendar

  Our monthly Newsletters

 Our email communications

Our Blog, still in its infancy

We collect information to share through the two forms below. To use the forms, you will need a Google account (all gmail users have one).

If you don't have a Google account, create one here or find a friend to submit the form for you.

Sources of Help for Activity Leaders:

  • Watch our how-to Webinar on

  • Read our one-page How-To_Flier.pdf

  • Check out PHOTO_TIPS.pdf, our little booklet on snapping great Newcomer photos. 

No-Photo List:

Please respect the wishes of club members who've opted out of photos: Chieko Fujii, Shannon McBride, Judy Martin, Susan McLaughlin , and Bridget Weber.

We encourage photographers to let members know when they're taking images for the website or newsletter; please step aside if you don't wish to be pictured.


Deadline to Submit Form 1:

  • Anytime: the sooner the better to get your event posted.
  • To ensure that your Event details appear in the Newsletter, submit this form by the 10th of the month. (The Newsletter is emailed on the 20th of every month except July.)
Who Should NOT Submit Form 1:
  • Groups whose meeting details don't change from month to month, including: Come As You Are and Come for Coffees. (Obviously do submit it if there is a change in location, date/time, or open/at capacity status.)


Deadline to Submit Form 2:

  • By the 10th of the month for the Newsletter, which is emailed on the 20th of every month except July.
  • Anytime you have news of note that you believe the Communications Team should review.

This Form Is Designed for Submitting:

  • The President's Column and New Member Mini-Profiles
  • Brief recaps of noteworthy recent Events. (Photos of the events may be uploaded with this form or the Submit Event Info form.)
  • Special news about individual members
  • Volunteer opportunities and other items of general interest
  • Coming soon: A new Blog concept featuring member's favorite things related to Greater Seattle, including restaurants, parks, theaters, podcasts, etc



    • 1st Event Announcement: Emailed 7 days before the event (if registration is not required) or 7 days before registration deadline
    • Reminder: Emailed to those who have registered 1 day before event

    OF Note:

    Event Announcements are only emailed to members who want to receive them. To "opt in,"  edit your Member Profile, which has a section for checking Activity Group interest. To find and edit your Member Profile:
    • Click once on "LOG OUT" in the upper right corner of the website.
    • On the pop-up window with a menu, click on VIEW PROFILE
    • On your Member Profile page,  click on EDIT PROFILE in the blue bar. From there you can check or uncheck Activity Groups to control whether you receive emails about their events.


    The six members of our team share are among the busiest volunteers in Newcomers Club. We all have overlapping skills and training, and some of us specialize or routinely take lead in certain tasks.

    We share duties in a system we call "On Point." The designated On Point team member responds to incoming email from the public, writes and sends or schedules email as needed, and updates the website.  The On Point teammate processes the information that comes in through our Submit Event Info and Submit General News forms as it arrives.

    Our On Point shifts run from Mondays – Fridays. We try to respond within 24 hours to internal and external requests and needs.  

    Because of the volume of work for our volunteers, we discourage club members from communicating with us by email. If you do need to email our team, use:



    Newcomers Club of Greater Seattle is not responsible, and assumes no liability, for any loss or injury to property or persons during our events.
    Read our Privacy Policy.

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