Come As You Are via Zoom

Goal: Everyone has a positive experience and equal opportunity to participate.


All Newcomers are invited to Come As You Are virtual gatherings. We will check on one another and see how everyone is coping with the Stay At Home mandate. Let's "come as we are" and spread positive vibes!

Open to all Club members, enjoy getting to know other Newcomers using Zoom. You do not need to prepare, and a Zoom account is not needed.

Each gathering is structured to support open communication without interruptions and lasts about an hour. Everyone is encouraged to participate at whatever level feels most comfortable.


  • Welcome
  • Main room - review process
  • Breakout round tables ~ 4-5 members/room, 2 minutes/person each round, with no interruptions

Round Table 1: How are you today? Overall, with no judgement

Round Table 2: Focus on the positive

Share something you enjoy or feel would be helpful or something you are grateful for: TIL: 'Today I learned ___', a resource, coping skill, anecdote, image, drawing, inspiration, insight, website, book title, song, poem, favorite quote, or anything else positive. (Gratitude)

  • Free discussion
  • Return to Main room
    • Next session scheduling; host
    • +/-: What did you like best/what went well? What could be improved for future sessions?

Process slides PowerPoint - - - - - Process slides PDF

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