Club Leaders 2020 – 2021

We welcome all members to participate in leading Newcomers of Greater Seattle. Getting involved is a great way to meet people and generate new ideas. Our group is volunteer driven and relies on our best assets-You!

Board members were installed at June 10, 2020 Club meeting. Term of office is completed after next installation to be held June 9, 2021. 


Board of Directors Contact List


  • President: Kate Griffin July 1-December 31, 2020; Helena Puche January 1-June 30, 2021
  • Vice President: Helena Puche July 1-December 31, 2020; Marilyn Hanley January 1-June 30, 2021
  • Past President: Kate Griffin
  • Membership Director: Kathy Mellon-Rossi
  • Treasurer: Eileen Kelly-Meyer
  • Meetings and Programs Committee: Terry Constable, Cheri Roach, Marilyn Hanley (advisor)
  • Secretary: Terry Constable


  • Hospitality and Outreach: Jo Dorsch, Ruby Smith,
  • Newsletter Team: Helena Puche, Dominique Vetrano
  • Ways and Means: Sandy Reisman, Evie St Pierre
  • Website Team: Cece Grasso, Kathy Mellon-Rossi, Dominique Vetrano


  • All Things French: Dominique Vetrano
  • Art and Crafts: Kathy Mellon-Rossi, Helena Puche
  • Birthday Gals: Carol Holser
  • Book Group-First Tuesday: Paula Whitham
  • Book Group-First Tuesday Non-fiction: Nancy Shumate
  • Book Group-Second Thursday Forever Zoom: Deb Becker
  • Book Group-Third Wednesday Readers Choice: Kathleen Cole
  • Book Group-Third Thursday: Carol Devers
  • Book Group-Fourth Wednesday Crime and Mystery: Michele LeFevre, Cheri Roach
  • Book Group-Fourth Wednesday Kirkland: Anna Aubry
  • Come As You Are via Zoom - Every Tuesday: Shar Cooper
  • Come As You Are via Zoom - Every Saturday: Kathy Mellon-Rossi
  • Come for Coffee East (Kirkland): Ginny Daily
  • Come for Coffee North End (Edmonds): Sharon McGinnis
  • Come for Coffee/Meetup Southwest Seattle (West Seattle): Katharine Crick
  • Come for Coffee Westside (Seattle-Wallingford): Joan Stuteville, Nancy Woodberry
  • Daytime Gourmet: Kathy Ornelas
  • Eastside Happy Hour: Cindy Randazzo
  • Epicureans: Petra Vankeppel
  • Euchre: Helena Puche
  • Golf: Christine Welch
  • Hiking: Martha Philippoff, Helena Puche
  • Knitting Circle: Jo Dorsch
  • Living on the Hedge: Kate Griffin, Laura Sevonty
  • Mah Jongg: Joan Stuteville
  • Mah Jongg North Side: Sharlene Cooper
  • Movies: Cecilia Corey
  • Out and About: Ginny Daily
  • Petite Gourmet: Paula Whitham
  • Pub Crawl: Paula and Bill Whitham
  • Sisterhood Suppers Adviser: Ginny Daily
  • Soundbites: Marilyn Hanley
  • Wine Discovery: Dominique Vetrano


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