Board of Directors Election 2022-2023

Below is the list of members who have volunteered to serve on the Board of Directors July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. Please click the button below by Friday May 20, 2022 to indicate your support, or concern, about the slate.


  • President: Ann Bourey
  • Vice President: Kathy Murphy
  • Past President: Helena Puche
  • Membership Director: Kathy Mellon-Rossi
  • Secretary: Terry Constable
  • Treasurer: Eileen Kelly-Meyer
  • Marketing Team representative (1 vote): Anna Aubry, Michele Berg, Kate Griffin, Dominique Vetrano
  • Meetings and Programs Committee representative (1 vote): Lynn Berning (programs), Shelly Kushner (programs), Laura Sevonty (programs & venues), Petra Vankeppel (venues), Nancy Wever (venues)

Additional Voting Board Members

  • Communications Team (1 vote): Karen Adams, Pacita Ikonomou, Kathy Mellon-Rossi, Helena Puche, Dominique Vetrano, Gretchen Ridgeway (newsletter mailing)
  • Hospitality and Outreach representative (1 vote): Susan Handley, Hilary Holden, Ruby Smith (cards)
  • Ways and Means representative (1 vote): Evie St. Pierre, Syd Waskey

Our Board of Directors has 11 voting positions, including one representative each from our five standing committees/teams. In the case of the Marketing Team and Meetings & Programs Committee, members are also Club officers. All committee/team members are members of the Board of Directors. The voting member for each group is designated at the start of each Board of Directors meeting.

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