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  • Acrylic paint (liquid, not in tubes, may be easier to dilute) available on Amazon or at Michael’s for ~$1 for 2 ounces in the Apple Barrel brand.
  • Only red, blue and yellow are needed; other colors can be blended from these. (Kits of pre-mixed pouring paint with many colors are available for $18 to $40 if you want to splurge and not mix.)
  • Floetrol for latex paint. It is used to dilute acrylic paint to a pouring consistency. It comes in quarts from Amazon, Michael’s or Home Depot (not required if you use the pouring paint). On Amazon, one item also comes with a bottle of 100% silicone oil. (Also, you could share a bottle with other members, as it’s $24.)
  • 100% silicone oil
  • A straw to make cells “pop” in your painting (~$10). See above regarding sharing or the combo deal.
  • Canvases at Michael’s (8×10) $10 for 10 canvases. Again, sharing is a possibility or just buy a couple.
  • A container ‘tub’ to hold your canvas
  • A ‘cookie cooling rack’ to rest a canvas on (Push pins are recommended by art books in place of a rack.)
  • Foil ‘turkey pans’ (Available at the Dollar store. Paint will dry in them as you don’t want to put paint down a sink.)
  • Rubber or plastic gloves
  • Plastic cups
  • Mixing sticks
  • Blue painters’ tape to cover the back of the canvas wood, available at the Dollar store or Amazon. Insert link to What size?

Instructions to complete by July 16 in preparation for July 19 session:

Complete these steps before July 16 to allow at least 3 days drying time before July 19.

  • Using blue painters’ tape, tape the back of your canvases for full coverage.
  • If desired, complete an ‘undercoat’ with a color (in case the tilted paint doesn’t go all the way to the edge or cover the edges)

Below are pictures of work in progress:

For more information, check out YouTube videos, especially Olga Soby: and Paint Pouring: Mastering Fluid Art by Rick Cheadle (Available at King County Library.)

 For questions, contact Nancy Woodberry:

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