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Since 1955, our club has provided social, cultural, and recreational opportunities for women in the region.

In the beginning, membership was open only to new residents of the Seattle region.  Eventually the rules were changed; today, newcomers and longtime residents are both eligible to join. We find that veteran members and longtime area residents serve as wonderful resources about the community for our newer residents.

Over the years, our goal  has remained a constant: to foster friendships and give members lots of opportunities to enjoy and deepen those friendships. Our ability to provide those opportunities was challenged during the early months of COVID, but we gamely joined the world of Zoom and carried on. 

Today, we're emerging stronger despite COVID's persistent grip. Some activities have moved permanently onto Zoom, and others meet safely in person. A number of us believe the club helped us make it through the rough times. A weekly "Come as You Are and Chat" debuted on Zoom in 2020 as a means of checking in on one another, and it has become a mainstay as a place to find and share encouragement in our day-to-day lives.

As in 1955, we are here for one another.

President Ann Bourey

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For $37 a year, club membership is a bargain. Here are the benefits of joining Newcomers Club of Greater Seattle.


The Newcomers Club of Greater Seattle has about 145 members – lots of potential friends. It’s easy to become acquainted  during casual events you both enjoy. You can  contact your new friends  via our Online Directory, which includes a member profile with photo and information they share about themselves.


More than 30 events each month are open to you as a member. Learn about them in our monthly newsletter, through emails about activities that interest you (you can opt out of the emails at any time), and through our comprehensive online Events Calendar.  We encourage you to explore  activities to find your niche.


Club leaders find their connections deepen through working toward shared goals. Leadership opportunities abound, but no one will  pressure you. Also, a new club feature – members’ recommendations of favorite places and things to do here  – affords opportunities to explore the best our region has to offer.



In June 2022, Ann Bourey was installed as president of our club. Here is her full message to potential members.

Welcome to the Newcomers Club of Greater Seattle!

As current president and on behalf of the women of our club, I  invite you to explore our website and join us in participating in the many activities offered. We have a dynamic group and a wide array of activities.

My husband and I moved to the Seattle area several years ago to be close to a daughter and two grandchildren. (Sound familiar? Many of our members moved here for similar reasons.)  We had lived here for a time in the early 1980s and liked this area very much.

Over the years, I have lived in 11 states and participated in several newcomers groups elsewhere. I knew the benefits of joining one and so was happy to sign up for this club. I have found it to be a very welcoming, inclusive group.

One of the things I like best about this particular club is that you don't really  need to be a newcomer in the area to join. Any woman who lives here is welcome, and having newer and  long-term residents in our club is so very beneficial to both groups. Veteran members serve as great resources about the community for newcomers, and newcomers bring vigor and new ideas. And of course we all value the opportunity for new friendships.

So check out our club offerings. Through about 35 Activity Groups, we connect and bond, we eat, drink and mingle, we explore and enjoy, we get creative together, we read and share ideas, we play, stay active and, most importantly, we have fun. Some of our groups are open to partners.

Our members come from all over the greater Seattle area. Some of our activities happen in person and some on Zoom, on weekdays and weekends. 

You are welcome to join an activity as a guest to see if this club is a good fit for you. Just email our membership director and she'll help you arrange something.

We can’t wait to meet you.

Ann's signature

P.S. We invite you to drop in a monthly Newcomers Info Session on Zoom. Look for upcoming sessions with RSVP info in our Events Calendar.


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